Who is this for?

  • Programmed workouts in a safe, supportive group atmosphere under the watchful eye of professional strength and conditioning coaches

Not Just For Athletes

  • With expert coaching, encouragement, support and accountability-what can’t you do?  Our goal each time you workout our goal is to have you leave feeling better than you did prior to arriving. Some of our clients have made training a staple in their life, while others have never picked up a dumbbell before.

Non-intimidating, Supportive Atmosphere

Our training philosophy remains consistent for all members, from youth to general public to elite athletes.  We want to empower people of all fitness levels to achieve their greatest health and performance goals.

Group training is broken up into Strength classes: (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) where the focus of the sessions are on total-body and core strength.  Our Metabolic Conditioning classes (Tuesday/Thursday) focus mainly on improving your cardio and burning calories.

What to Expect at Your First Session

Arrive ready to work out! Wear loose, athletic clothing, gym shoes and bring a water bottle.  On our first day, you will do a full workout, but slow it down a bit and focus on getting comfortable with the workouts. Each individual can have a tailored experience, for example, if you’re new to the gym, we’ll take our time to focus on proper technique first.


  • First Class Free!
  • Unlimited Month-to-Month $200
  • Unlimited Monthly – 6 Month Contract $180
  • Unlimited Monthly – 12 Month Contract $160
  • 10-pack group training $275